We specialize in providing quality one on one care.  We develop an individual treatment plan for each client and partner with each one for treatment and aftercare.

We believe in healing and working with the complete person in complete recovery and wellness.

For those who actively participate and complete our program we have over a 90% recovery rate.

"Not a number"

one on one care

Hope, Healing & Renewal

We offer a PHP program for those who need more care and we also offer an IOP program.  

The PHP program meets daily (Sunday through Thursday) and is a combination of individual and group sessions.  The hours spent each week range from 15 to 25.

The IOP program is in the afternoon and evenings.  Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 5:30pm and going for three hours (plus one additional individual session) per week for a total of 10 hours.  Those in the IOP program live at home, continue at work or school and come to treatment in the evenings.

*We do develop individualized programs for those who work during the normal group times.

life balance

At Sojourners you are not a number.  We believe in establishing life long recovery and part of that journey comes with our approach.  We partner with each client and their family.  We tell our clients that they are part of our family and we will do whatever it takes to help them overcome and live a substance free life.  To that end our clients have our cell phone numbers and can call day or night, we establish as many additional counseling sessions that are needed (no matter what insurance pays) and we attempt to do life together.

addiction and behavioral health services